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Wellness Driven Wisdom: A Deep Dive into Spiritual, Intellectual, and Physical Healing with April Chavez

Life can be wild ride, right? Full of twists, turns, and unexpected challenges that can knock the wind out of us. But you know what’s cool? With the right tools and persistence, we can tackle these curveballs head-on and come out even stronger. 


Today, on The Brain Soul Success Show, we’re diving into the real and raw journey of April Chavez. From a young age, April turned her Lupus diagnosis into a quest for holistic wellness, encompassing spiritual, intellectual, and physical aspects. Her journey through law enforcement to public speaking and performance coaching is evidence of her investigation into the power of lifestyle choices on well-being. Today, she inspires others through her talk show, The Wellness Driven Life Show, and her work at Driven Livin’ LLC. Offstage, she enjoys exploring life with her husband, Manlee, and their children.


Lupus Diagnosis and Holistic Healing


From a young age, April faced the challenge of a lupus diagnosis. Instead of succumbing to despair, she chose a path of holistic healing, intertwining spiritual, intellectual, and physical elements. She wanted to be the “normal average child” and felt her age really played a huge role in having a more youthful perspective to assist her in her health journey. This unique approach became the foundation of her wellness journey.


Journey through Law Enforcement


April’s resilience and determination led her to a career in law enforcement, a journey fueled by a desire to protect others and prove her strength after the Columbine shooting. She also had a passion for forensic entomology sparked by a high school class. She shares the challenges faced as a woman and mother in a male-dominated field, emphasizing the importance of pushing oneself to achieve excellence. ​​April also mentions the importance of training and response in high-pressure situations, highlighting the need to rise to the level of one’s courage rather than falling to the level of one’s training.


The Power of Mindset & Daily Wellness Rituals


In our conversation, April underscores the significance of mindset in facing life’s adversities. Her story exemplifies the transformative power of a positive and determined outlook, offering valuable lessons for anyone navigating their own challenges.


April recommends practicing breath techniques to lower stress and respond effectively in dangerous situations. She also shares her current wellness practices, including spending time in nature, using grounding mats, and daily meditation. Consistency, she emphasizes, is the key to successful self-care.


Compassion and Self-Discovery


Throughout the episode, April emphasizes the importance of purpose in healing, particularly in the face of trauma or loss. She shares personal insights on grief and how people process it differently, highlighting the idea that there is no “right” way to grieve.


She encourages others to approach their wellness journeys with self-compassion, acknowledging that progress takes time. April highlights the beauty in embracing one’s unique experiences and finding purpose in daily life.


Embrace Your Wellness-Driven Adventure


April’s journey from lupus to life mastery serves as a beacon of inspiration for anyone seeking holistic well-being. As we navigate our own paths, let’s embrace the wisdom of spiritual, intellectual, and physical healing. Life is a journey, and every experience contributes to our growth. Follow your heart, take your brain with you, and embark on your wellness-driven adventure with newfound wisdom and resilience.


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