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Inspiring Women

Wednesday we celebrated International Women’s Day, and I found myself reminded of the women who have inspired and mentored me along my own journey. Two women came to mind in particular, whom many of you have probably heard me speak of, they are Hanna Kroeger and Dorothy Espiau.

Hanna Kroeger


Hanna was a Turkish immigrant who moved to Boulder in the 1950s where she would create a world-renown healing center. A woman very much ahead of her time, Hanna is often referred to as the “Grandmother of Natural Health.” She taught me the seven physical and spiritual causes of ill health, how to put one’s physical body into alignment, and how to dowse and determine the root causes of dis-ease. Many of Hanna’s herbal combinations, which are still in use today and that I sell at Albuquerque Natural Health Center, were divinely inspired. According to her daughter, if someone came to her with an ailment that she couldn’t immediately solve, she would study as much as she could about the problem, consulting doctors and scientific books, before she turned the problem over to God. In a few days she would have the formula.  Sixty years later, people still seek out a Hanna-trained practitioner, and even though I am a doctor of naturopathy, I still refer to Hanna’s book and teachings first because their results are that powerful. Hanna always told her students, “I cannot do it alone. You must help one another. You, you, and you must and can do it.”

Dorothy Espiau

Like me, Dorothy was a special ed teacher. She created Mind Gems and GeoTran as a way to help heal herself and her students. Dorothy discovered that the energy field can be compared to a computer. When there’s a “glitch” in a person’s “bio-computer”, GeoTran removes it while upgrading the entire “system.” When a person’s is de-glitched and upgraded then they can be their authentic self and the results are miraculous. Dorothy taught me that keeping your energy field clear is the real key to staying healthy, and allowing your gifts to shine. After learning her Geotran Integration work my career excelled in ways I never expected it to.

If you or someone you know could benefit from an upgrade to their bio-computer I encourage you to fill out a simple form to get on a call with me and find out what your next best move is. I only have 2 spots available next week (March 13-17).

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