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Success Stories Testimonials

Discover the impact Dr. Louise Swartswalter’s transformative methods have had on individuals from all walks of life through their heartfelt testimonials and success stories. Our satisfied clients have experienced profound shifts in their personal growth and business success, attributing it to the power of energy work, ancient spiritual practices, frequency medicine, and expert brain work. Explore firsthand accounts of the life-changing results achieved by those who have embraced Dr. Louise’s unique approach.

Mastermind Success Stories

Lisa shares her powerful transformation!

Louise found things in me I did not know were there. When Dr. Louise cleared my field and used her biofeedback frequencies I felt supported through the whole event. This was our best event ever and I am so grateful to Dr. Louise. Louise's brain-soul work is so needed in these times.
Lisa Sasevich
The Queen of Sales Conversion, California
Areli and her family experience life change!

How has this work not changed my life!! I am the happiest I ever thought I could have been. My mom, sisters and family are reaping the benefits of the ancestral clearing, it seems like my entire family is being lifted.
Areli Nunez
Health Care Coordinator, Illinois
Debbie’s journey to uplevel her life, family and clients!

I didn’t fully understand it in the beginning, but I knew I felt better and lighter after working with her. I have learned that what you focus your energy on is what you bring into your life. I feel more at peace, have more harmony, hope, focus, balance and a deeper spiritual path. I have cleared so many layers and continue to grow and transform.
Debbie Inman
Biofeedback Therapist
Cathryn’s trust and health improves!

Dr. Louise helped me release my fear of asking for help, of having to do everything myself. I have never been in a group where everybody is included, supported, and transformed all at the same time. I thought I knew it all. I was wrong. Dr. Louise knows it all. And she wants me to know it all, so that I may independently clear myself. I love her.
Cathryn Johnson
Lana’s freedom from grief/loss to self empowerment

I love the practice partners I have been paired with and have worked through a lot of grief and stress. My body is becoming physically lighter and tighter. I have released 22 pounds, yes, 22 pounds without “dieting” a single day! The stress “fluff” from head to toe is simply melting off my body.
Lana Nelson
Nutrition Intuitive and Creator of the Food Codes
Lezli goes from traumatic brain injury to health and wealth!

Louise found a brain lesion created by a traumatic event and escorted me to early retirement free from vertigo, anxiety and depression. Her one on one sessions blew my mind. My faith and courage was restored. The power and support of the master mind group and the knowledge from the BRAIN academy allows me to create a new career while enriching my family relationships.
Lezli Byrum
Dr. Mary’s health, life and business is EASY!

The beginning of the mastermind helped lift my Epstein Barr. I went from missing work several days a month to not missing any days due to Epstein Barr. I shifted from being single to being fully invested in and open to deep love with a loving gentleman - experiencing an inner emotional healing that lifted a lifetime of a guarded heart due to childhood trapped emotions that have now been released and replaced with emotional strength and positive expectation. As I learned to trust the bio feedback frequency and clearing points my business has also experienced an uplevel too.
Dr. Mary Ozegovich
Dr. Pat transforms as a holistic physician!

After having private coaching sessions with Dr. Louise, I knew that her work was incredibly transformational, using the power of brain, soul and energy in a way that I’ve not experienced. Using Dr. Louise’ tools and processes have helped me to release the negativity in the energetic field inside and outside of me, so I can respond in a positive, caring way. I now have more peace, contentment and self-worth while becoming the holistic physician that my soul is meant to be.
Pat Tucker
Myra feels confident to pursue her passion!

I thought I would not be able to make a living as an artist. It has been frustrating, challenging, and overwhelming. Being in Louise’s mastermind program, I have released and cleared challenges, even ancestral ones that I was not aware of. I am now empowered to be a successful artist, deeply happy creating art and sharing my joy. I am also more confident and optimistic about a better, brighter future for me, with relationships and financial abundance.
Myra Dwyer
Bonnie’s business booms!

In just 4 months, my life changed. I was able to retire from 30 years of ministry as a Director of Spiritual Care to begin the call of focusing on healing retreats, energy work, and spiritual counseling. I received 8 new clients, my health improved, and I facilitated a healing weekend at a retreat center with 10 beautiful souls that I had not been able to do for many years.
Bonnie McCulley
Georgeanna experiences emotional growth and increased confidence!

So many things have changed since I joined the Mastermind program in March 2022. I’m more aware of my erratic up and down emotions that is sabotaging me. I don’t fly off the handle, reacting negatively as I used to. I’m excited to finally see the possibility and feel confident of using energy work successfully in my business, that I was not able to figure out for a long time. I wish I had joined her yearlong Mastermind program sooner. Don’t wait because it will only delay your transformation.
Georgeanna Mann
Laurene’s health and confidence soar!

I had been dealing with health issues, such as hormonal imbalances, anxiety and thyroid problems, for several years. I had been to several doctors and ended up in the emergency room a few times and I could not get any answers as to what was going on with me. Through joining the Master Minds group I have learned many tools that I am able to use to clear myself of energy (present and ancestral) that is not mine. I am able to trust my intuition and am able to help my friends and family with this work.
Laurene Leyba
Jessica is confident and happy doing what she loves!

Since being in Louise's Mastermind program, I have elevated my health with making better food choices for my body and exercising every morning. I have clarity on my business and have signed my first contract. I am more confident in who I am and where I am going. I am learning to spend time on myself with using Louise's tools and processes. I am allowing new opportunities and taking quantum leap in my life.
Jessica Ruane
Ann doubles her salary and her life transforms!

Since I entered the Mastermind Brain Soul Success program 8 months ago I have completed a national certification as a Board Certified Nurse Integrative Coach, passed my instructor trainings in Tai Chi for Arthritis and Balance, Tai Ji Quan for Better Balance, A Matter of Balance Course, received an Aromatherapy Nurse Certificate and a completed a course in Herbal Medicine. I was also offered a position to coordinate a Comprehensive Stroke Program which doubled my salary. In turn, I have been approached by my hospital colleagues to use my holistic practices to assist our stressed out nurses. This BRAIN System creates miracles.
Ann M.
Christine says YES to life and business transformation!

How is it possible that my life and business could experience so much growth and shifting during this crazy time of 2020? How have I maintained such peace and excitement, and alignment when there is so much chaos, fear and deception in the matrix? The only area that changed for me, was saying yes to myself. I AM SO GRATEFUL! THANK YOU FOR HOLDING SUCH A SACRED SPACE FOR ME TO PROCESS, SHED, EXPAND AND SHIFT., and TRANSFORM.
Christine Knapp-Philip
Alexis becomes empowered and joyful!

When I first met Louise I was a twitchy stressed woman who could barely tolerate staying in my body. What has happened to me borders on miraculous. I am in my body, calm, joyful, grateful, most of the prickly exterior is gone and my feelings of anger intolerance are greatly diminished because now I have more awareness. My relationships with my husband, family and friends have been enriched. My brain is sharper and I keep uploading more of who I am.
Alexis Keyne
Dr. Jean is her authentic self!

Dr. Louise has helped me realize my true soul's purpose, to become ‘unstuck’ and to begin to distance myself from those persons, places, or things that interfere with my life’s journey in embracing my true and authentic self. 'The Mastermind group is loving, supportive, and interested in helping others develop high caliber skills.
Dr. Jean Seville
Master Teacher and Therapist
Norma trades overwhelm for balance!

After the bootcamp with Louise I started to notice I was feeling better after a couple of days! Even my husband noticed the change in me and encouraged me to continue the work. Now after 6 months, I am back to my old self. Overall I feel calmer, more balanced and my brain is strong. I am so thankful for Louise and her work. I don’t know where I’d be without her.
Norma Hans
Julie’s power and business expand!

Since joining the mastermind, I have experienced massive changes in all areas of my life. My business has experienced growth and prosperity. My schedule is filled a month in advance. I have stepped into my power with increased intuition and confidence. In general, I am able to communicate more clearly from my heart and am enjoying a deeper connection to my sacred self.
Julie Ray
Naturopath, Biofeedback Instructor
Dr. Aine releases trauma and gains confidence!

I had a car accident that made me scared of driving, especially long distance. I would get panicky driving by SUVs, especially black ones since I was hit by one. Working with Louise has helped me release the trauma. Louise suggested I paintball black SUVs multicolor! Very fun and it got me out of my fears!
Dr. Aine Sweeney
Suzanne confidently creates business success!

Since joining the Mastermind program in March 2022, I have experienced much more self-confidence. I can quickly shift the energy to positive when I sense myself heading towards negativity. I’ve had two opportunities to get back into being a fitness instructor since taking three years off and nother business adventure has opened up as well. I can see a shift in energy with our family of nine also.
Suzanne Tucker
Fitness Coach
Ryan is lighter and free!

I have received tremendous benefits from working with Dr. Louise and the group. I noticed right away I was falling asleep faster and feeling more balanced/relaxed. These clearings have made me feel so much lighter and free! Overall I feel much more balanced and aligned with my souls purpose. I also look younger and have had many say the same thing about me which is wonderful. The group holds a safe, fun and positive environment!
Ryan Hill
Linda’s life transforms!

Gratitude and renewed excitement about my life are emotions that flow from my heart when I contemplate the journey that I’ve undertaken working with Louise. The results have been stunning: greater awareness and compassion for others; less pain; emotional healing; a sense of my life’s purpose; the ability to help family and friends with their life challenges. There are many wellness practitioners whose work I’ve studied or experienced, but none compare with Louise when it comes to loving kindness and compassion.
Linda Materna
University Professor
Skye is confident and calm with healthy relationships

Dr. Louise’ Brain Soul SystemTM is a great resource for spiritual practices and processing unresolved emotional, mental, ancestral and spiritual issues. It has only been a year and is the best investment I have ever made for myself. I am centered, confident, and I trust my intuition and myself. I have strong healthy boundaries for dating and navigating online dating. My relationships with my friends and family is spectacular. My spiritual growth and path are crystal clear.
Skye McGraw
Emie’s miracles started when she said YES!

She has this ability to connect with you on a deeper level and make you feel safe, strong and empowered. After working and learning from her for only 6 weeks, I got pregnant again! Within 3 months, we purchased our dream home! AND within 5 months, I had a job opportunity at a local multi-clinic! Everything has shifted since I said yes to myself to join Dr. Louise’ mastermind. I am the best version of myself. I am so grateful I followed my intuition and embarked in this beautiful journey.
Emie Beaulieu-Roy
Kimberly went from stressed, overwhelmed to peace, calm, in control

The Brain Soul SystemTM processes were very effective in clearing blocks that I was not aware of (e.g. ancestral, emotional, energetic). I am now more at peace and calm daily which allows me to be more proactive and clear of what I want, feeling more in control. I was surprised and amazed that shortly after being in Louise's program, a perfect opportunity presented itself and I effortlessly relocated to my dream home in Mexico. I now have the confidence to apply Louise’s techniques in my daily life and help family and friends as well.
Kimberly Pearcy
Health Coach
Cheryl’s health, inner peace and accomplishments leaped

Dr. Louise provided me with a supplement regimen that improved my immunity and health. I noticed a significant difference immediately, I am less frequently sick and would recover quickly. I have less mood swings and am calmer and more in control of my emotions. I feel like every day, every week and every month I learn more about myself and I truly feel like I can accomplish anything. The support of this community is amazing and I feel so lucky to be part of this amazing group.
Cheryl Jalowiec
Treasury Accountant and owner of Pine River Property Advisors
Christina’s liberation from crippling anxiety to creating dream business

Since working with Dr. Louise and her Brain Soul SystemTM, my anxiety is almost completely gone! My brain is working better. I am thinking more clearly and not only getting more done, but also getting the right things done. I feel confident and am building my dream business.Finding Dr. Louise and joining her Mastermind has been a blessing. I'm so glad I said yes to myself!
Christina Nevins
Personal Development Coach
Deb’s pain is gone!

I had back and sciatic pain every day for over one year. It was debilitating. I was heartbroken when I couldn’t lift my granddaughter. In my first session with Louise, my pain significantly decreased. I don’t have sciatic pain anymore. I’m trusting my intuition more. I’m even feeling more confident and excited to start my own business.
Deb Reed
Clare incredible broken neck healing and freedom to do what she loves

Saying “Yes” to myself when I joined the Mastermind has been a very significant decision and turning point in my life. Last November, a month or so after Mastermind began, I broke my neck. I credited working with Dr. Louise and using the Brain Soul SystemTM and the support of the Mastermind group for my incredible healing outcome! My neurologist was amazed. The most significant (very big) thing for me is the constant mental background noise and pressure are gone. I don’t feel like I “should”, nor do I “have to" do anything! And the magic of that is, I now have a profound sense of inner peace, joy and gratitude for myself and for my life on every level and this opens up and creates the space for possibilities.
Clare McLaren
Treasury Accountant and owner of Pine River Property Advisors
Sherie’s lifelong pain and limiting beliefs disappear!

I have been able to overcome pain that I have experienced off and on over 15 years! Within an hour of the miracle integration, it was gone and has never returned. Working on the physical body is helpful and emotions, but we also need to go to the soul level.
Sherie Holand
Deanna is successful in life and business!

There is no way I could achieve this level of personal and business success, happiness and freedom to be me with such ease without Louise’s work. She has truly reached my core root cause. This was my 6th event with Louise and miracles have happen at each one. But WOW this event was more then magical it was truly TRANSFORMATIVE. I see faces change at each event, usually much lighter and looking happier. At this event I witnessed in real time a woman’s face change physically. It was so incredible. This was by far the most fascinating thing I have ever seen in a holistic healing retreat.
Deanna Stanley
Lisa’s health is transformed!

Since I began work with her in June 2019, my quality of life is better than ever and I now know in my heart that everything is possible. With the right medicine for my body and the clearing of old wounding, I have been able to add back in several foods I could not digest before and have restored my vital energy. The trajectory of my life is totally new and different and I could not be more grateful for Dr. Louise!

Brain Soul Balance Success Stories

Kim clears blocks and has more focus!

After my huge breakthrough last Saturday, I notice that I am clearer. I have been looking at things differently, possibilities seem more doable and I'm able to stay more focused in the direction of my goals and dreams. I believe I am dissolving the roadblocks to my success with the Mind Gems and positive points and clearings.
Kim, N. Carolina
Bonnie’s nephew experiences transformation!

I am very impressed with the improvement in SPENCER, my nephew's communication skills since the initial connection … I met with him the next day and he was a real chatterbox, with useful information !!! This is a first since he has been in my care. Almost a year!!!!
Marlene trades anxiety for abundance!

I was invited to come to NM by my friend last May and did your Brain Soul Success Bootcamp. After returning home about a month later I sold my home of 19 yrs. where I worked from home as a massage therapist. I sold it for a profit paid off my mortgage and my car and moved to a modular renovated home with all the things I wanted in a home and got a space at a chiros office working 3 half days with wonderful people and went into semi-retirement. This all happened in a week and a half! I could not believe how my life has changed since that course.
Headache gone after frequency!

I really felt the extra frequency when my headache finally went away coincidentally about an hour ago. I just know it was you! Aaahhh, relief!! Thank you, thank you!!!
Andrea is ready to take action!

Being present in your positive energy (digitally or face-to-face) is truly inspirational, uplifting, and motivates me to take more action in my life. I began to become aware of actually being not only mentally but physically wired after every interaction. It is like my whole brain is open, listening, and alive making connections and ready to take action as my true spiritual self. I feel there are no limits to the up-leveling power of what is to come at the Brain-Soul Integration Retreat. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this opportunity!
Judith is calm and compassionate!

I felt a different level of calm and ease - detached compassion is the closest way I can describe working with a patient on the phone a couple of hours before the presentation. I felt deep compassion for this man, but without getting tangled in his "stuff." The presentation also went smoothly. Again, I'm generally not afraid with public speaking, perhaps excited and a bit nervous before, but I had very little of that pre-presentation nervousness this time. That calm is either the effect of the brain work, or exhaustion. I choose to credit brain work.
Melissa feels supported and intentional!

Hey, Louise. Enjoyed the class. Was feeling a lot of those emotions having worked forty hours in three days -admissions and construction workers-people with hatred, rage and some plain evil entities. Happy to have the support from Brain Boosters. This week did not come with out challenge and really appreciate the support form you and your team. Awesome class-you showed great focus and concentration with the interruptions and it is an enjoyable format.
Love of the Universe
Gale’s entire life and relationships transform!

WOWEEE! I felt calm and content and At Peace, tuned into the wonder around me!!! I feel that again today as I did the replay yesterday. I Sleep SO SO much better and I love that!! I feel Happy and empowered. I get along better with my husband. We are less annoyed with each other. We seem to like each other more. SO all in all life is fantastic and I love this!!!
Pam’s attitude transforms!

I couldn't believe how much better I felt. My whole attitude and outlook is different. I read from an angel book I have before I went to bed and also this morning. I was able to connect and feel the thoughts it expressed. Very uplifting.
Calm and Confident!!

I am certain the brain boosters are helping as we just moved out of such a significant astrological cycle and I've started my doctoral program… And I don't feel like I'm completely losing it :-)! Thank you so much, dear Louise! Much love!
Love of the Universe
Bonnie has more focused and improved memory!

I am feeling more focused today and also I am seeing some improvement in my memory! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me.
Yolande’s sleep improves!

I slept so great after the Miracle Integration.
Gale uses the tools to find his true self!!

Such fabulous work! Some of the clearings have helped me find contentment and feeling like my true self. YAY I now have some tools!!!
Granpa Gale
JJ and her family experience life and health transformation!

I feel Joe is becoming more of himself......more presence......still memory issues but better cognition over all. I thought maybe it was just my wishful thinking, but his functional medicine doc remarked on the changes he was noticing at our visit last week. I am deeply grateful for your love and service. And really glad to be in the brain boosters group. Also, now that our home is also in the group, I have experienced our son being more communicative. I am so happy about that!!
M.J.‘s pain is gone!

Wow! Yesterday my back and foot were out of alignment. This morning the pain in my foot is absent and I was puttering about the house and noted my back is amazingly better! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
EC accomplishes more!

I woke ready to get my day going and did so with greater ease....better focus, and concentration, my whole body seemed to be more in sync and harmony!...and as a result I got so much accomplished, and the day is only half over! Wow!
More balance!

Feeling more balanced this morning 😀
HG is feeling better and more balanced!

Thank you for balancing the nerves of the spine and brain and working on the eyes!! I really look forward to my Thursdays when your do the groups because I know I’m always going to feel so good
Dr. Jean sees success with teaching the BRAIN System™!

By the end of the afternoon session, the changes were so apparent on the faces and demeanor of everyone in the group. I know that your intention for clearing out negatives and easing the flow of energy was helping me and everyone else in the group. It was truly amazing! Thank you!
JC has more clarity and brings blessing to her family!

Have been drawn to just the right resources for my own journey -- quickly, easily, and with a lot of clarity and power. Have also felt the family and our house blessed by expansion and opening. This is great support for the "Standing Up and Speaking Up" that is ours to do in these very interesting times!
New Mexico
CB is more calm with family and brings more focus and joy!

Since attending the session at your office, I've noticed some great changes. What I experienced with you has "stuck!" I had my children with me last week and I was much calmer and patient with them and was able to focus on the joy that they are. My calmer energy apparently impacted them as well because they seemed to be less reactive with me and each other. Such a blessing! Thank you!
More calm and balance!

More calm, being me with little to no off-balance internal energy/emotions/thoughts/questioning of self.
Washington, D.C.
EC is uplifted and happier!

This was a wonderful powerful, but sweet and loving session, I seem to feel uplifted, happier and peaceful!.... Thank you and Bless you!
KC’s physical pain is gone!

I never could have imagined this dramatic a change in just a few hours. Felt better within a couple hours of contacting you. Over night the backache and stiffness nearly subsided. You cannot believe what a difference between last night (last 5 days) and today. Just incredible turn-around.
New Mexico
DS has control and attracts new clients!
My compulsion to bite my fingernails has stopped. My eyes don't need glasses to see far and I have also attracted clients that are ready for biofeedback and are committed to becoming well.
DS Biofeedback Therapist
Florida, USA
MJ boosts her overall well-being!

Brain Boosters has given me an over-all sense of well being, increased self confidence, and I feel clear headed. Thank you, Dr. Louise.
YB getting better sleep, more clarity and happiness!

After Brain Boosters I feel happy the next day. Sometimes I can’t sleep and yet feel great the next day. My mind feels more clear and I am smiling. I can also tell something is different with my eyes. Thank you.
Houston, TX
BB releases anxiety for a peaceful, calm mind!
My never ending anxiety, brain fog has lifted!!!! There is a DEEP PEACEFUL "energy around" me now. My mind has become quiet.
More balance and focus!

I am feeling more emotionally balanced and like I have better focus.
NH is feeling transformed!

I do feel very good this morning….I know the help with the brain, circulation of the brain, serotonin, the eyes and pain have really helped me! You are doing God's work….and He is so proud of you!!
KH loses sugar cravings for better health!
NO sugar cravings since Thursday. Not even a withdrawal feeling or feeling like I am missing something. NONE AT ALL!
Frequency helps SI and her family!

Thank you also for all the other frequencies you send to us for the eyes spine brain heart etc...It's been such a pleasure knowing you Louise and you've help me our family, friends and so many others.
TP is finally sleeping!

I don’t understand exactly how all of this works, but THANK YOU! It seemed to have made a tremendous difference! I’m over the moon! So I slept really well last night. First night in months! 🙂
Daughter is relaxed and mood has uplifted!
Thanks again for today with with my daughter. When in the car I asked how she was feeling and she said ‘relaxed’. I am not sure I have ever heard her say that before so that is exciting. She was also in a great mood tonight.
NH is able to tackle her to-do list!

You and your work have helped me to be on top of my life and I do so very much appreciate your help!
DH has more focus and energy!

I am able to focus on tasks and have more energy. You are such a good friend and I am so thankful and appreciative of you.
DH, Portales
RS is calm and sleeping better!
I continue to experience a sense of calmness and last night slept well. I like the brain boosters group and feel you are such a pioneer in identifying the importance of brain health, and its connection to the gut, inflammation, etc. Thank you Louise!!
TCB and her entire family are uplifted!

Daniel and I love love love the frequencies. You are also helping everyone in our lives both personally and personally. Very grateful
Daughter’s energy is uplifted!

Feels the frequency and in general it brings up my daughter's energy.
SD loses brain fog and vision is better!
My eyes are continuing to improve and I am not as foggy.
RB’s business is expanding!

By yesterday evening I had 6 orders! Our business is in the zone. Love you,
Eileen is attracting her best life!

I taught my daughter the manifestation ritual and we both did it together to attract something that was important to her and it looks like it is coming together. With positivity I continue to move forward or shall I say Leap
KB is finding her soul’s truth!
I am stepping into leadership roles and feel more empowered.
Gratitude from KFH!

You bring happiness and a hecka lot more into people's lives. Thank you is never enough to say to you.
JT has better health and life!

I am grateful for you and for ALL that you've done to help make my life and my health better.
JS reaches her full potential!
I am so grateful for all of your hard work in creating & making your special brain programs available to everyone...& helping us all, reach our full potential...& be closer to our higher, divine self!

Abundance Success Stories

Aimee gets an unexpected refund!

Oh, my word!!! Today after our clearing last night, our accountant sent us an email that he had incorrect dates on some entries in our financials. These corrections are resulting in a $28,000 federal refund and a $16,000 state refund!!! You said, don’t be surprised if a check shows up! Wow!
Aimee Carlson
Kristen loves the abundance masterclass!

Your masterclass is one of the best I've been on. No fluff. Thanks.
Kristen Hillary
Valerie wins big on a raffle!

1 1/2 weeks ago I signed up for the Awakening Abundance group...and this last Wednesday night I won $2,500.00 at our Raffle to support our Athletic Program!!!! It occurred to me that the group had not even yet started !? Simply AMAZING!
MW and her friend are getting more money and more clients!

Today I just received a check for a lot of money from a stock/business mess from 10 or 12 years ago! Also, the other person I signed up for the class (which as you know hasn't even started!!!!) has had her phone ringing nonstop with new clients.
JC is saving money!

Just needed to adjust my cell phone plan, and now have a new one with unlimited minutes and text and sufficient data that is $100 LESS per month than what I've had with the same great company. Nice!!
Angel has more money, trust and confidence!

How my life has changed since working with Louise? WOW!!! I was introduced to Dr. Louise through her Awakening Abundance course in 2019. I was open and a bit skeptical truth be told. And, somehow, like magic, more money (more than sufficient to cover the cost of the course) was in my checking account. I didn't work harder or longer or change my marketing or spending.... truly magical. Working with Louise has helped me own and trust my intuition, my confidence continues to increase and my ability to change others lives continues to expand!
Rae has money and clients coming in!

I just made $5550 in one day! 2 new clients who I can totally help, and one of my current clients who was bedridden and now doing so well is singing my praises in all her and sent 2 new referrals my way… who have booked time with me for next week!
Functional Medicine Coach
MB’s family is reaping the abundance benefits!

My daughter is getting married this summer and I put her in the group. She just received a whole house of furniture as a gift. Wow! My son is on a college baseball team and when Louise added the team to the last group they had amazing winning streak! Yes!
MW manifesting money!

Riding my bike yesterday from San Felepe pueblo, I literally had the street paved with quarters! As I rode back to town, I spotted at least 4 quarters on the shoulder where I was riding over the course of about 20 miles. I have ridden this route many times before and never seen this.
SW receives money!

Today I received a reimbursement of $797 from an insurance company whom I had overpaid in February. I had given up hope that I would ever receive this check!! This stuff works!!
Joyce is loving the course!

Since signing up for the many wonderful things have happened. Thank you Louise for creating this wonderful event. I am giddy with awareness and wonder.
Money and opportunity everywhere!

We have so many little fruitions since joining the group. We have a new friend who is helping us sell our home. We have an extra $5,000 warranty on the car. We get coupons and discounts everywhere we go. We have earned back the fee for the group easy!
D and L
Feeling more free and life is flowing!

I'm feeling freer to go with the flow of life and feeling more grateful for all the little things in life.
MJ has more freedom!

When I got home there was a 10,000 dollar check in the mail. Money may not buy happiness but it sure helps with the freedom.
LS is feeling the abundance of family!

I have been blessed with a wonderful family gathering, a reunion in which my sister and brother-in-law orchestrated and paid for! They wouldn’t let me help pay for anything. I would consider this an abundant family blessing!
Feeling more free and life is flowing!

I'm feeling freer to go with the flow of life and feeling more grateful for all the little things in life.
MJ has more freedom!

When I got home there was a 10,000 dollar check in the mail. Money may not buy happiness but it sure helps with the freedom.
LS is feeling the abundance of family!

I have been blessed with a wonderful family gathering, a reunion in which my sister and brother-in-law orchestrated and paid for! They wouldn’t let me help pay for anything. I would consider this an abundant family blessing!
RR experiences more opportunity and friendships!

I am so glad I listened and obeyed and came here.I have discovered great work opportunities here. I have met great people and it seems so easy here to connect with great people. I give all the Glory to God for that and Awakening Abundance and all you do is really supporting me to rise up to the new.
ZR gets her dream work schedule and parents receive unexpected money!

My boss out of no where offered me a work schedule that I have been waiting two years to get. My parents also reported they bought a new car roughly 6 months ago. The dealership mailed them a visa debit card loaded with $1,500 on it.
Karen sells her house and life is smooth!

After working with her just 2 sessions, I have sold my house and found a perfect house for me to move to without really even looking. Life has become much smoother.
Karen M.
CE manifests abundance everywhere!

I received a refund back that I didn't expect, I get discounts at the different stores I go to and the clerks go out of their way to help me. It just seems like I am attracting much more in the way of abundance which I hadn't before.
Ruth is feeling a shift!

After the webinar, I experienced a shift, that was not able to be expressed, but definitely it was and still is absolutely beautiful with excitement.
KA’s life changes with abundance!

Won $1,000 at car dealership. Mom gave me a check for $14,000.00!!!. Found an incredible light, bright, professional office, with extra room that I can sublet and make my payment! Daughter and her friend got a trip to Hawaii from her Godfather. Lots more unexpected gifts and a beautiful crystal to use when I meditate!!!!
NC’s health is better!

I have experienced a different kind of abundance with my health. I have met with a good endocrinologist and have been put on a drug that has worked tremendously to improve my blood sugar numbers! I am very happy!
Money and opportunity come for AC and her dad!

My dad found a vintage Mercedes Roadster that only needed a new muffler and ball joint for $1000 and received a cash bonus for getting a lead for a real estate agent :).
PP’s entire life shifts!

My life has improved. I am happy and I have a purpose. My classes are easier. My homework comes to me with ease and my workload falls into place. Abundance is all around me and I am surrounded by light and love. My relationships are not perfect but my ease or awareness is comforting. I find myself laughing and giggling. People have complimented me on my cool and collected ways. They say, I emit a let it go aura. Trouble rolls off me ... I can't explain it. I am positively affected by the abundance class. THANK YOU!!!
New Mexico
CD has consistent income!

I'm happy to say that since you have been working on my husband and myself our bank account stays the same every month. Even though I stopped working 2 months ago and also have paid for two university classes.... amazing!
MT is free!

A member said she has gotten some good abundance. She is closing down one of her businesses ( a good thing), so it has been very busy. A developer purchased a building next to her. Due to this transaction, she will get a new fence she does not have to pay for. Finally, she is getting an abundance of sanity as it relates to closing down her business.
MJ feels understood and awareness increases!

Thank you for being able to see me better than I can see myself
NH gets unexpected money!

After my husband died in May I received notice from an insurance company about a policy that I was beneficiary on that we had no paperwork for. I now have a large amount that I didn't have before.
EA gets her trip of a lifetime!

When I started out, I had a perception of what abundance I wanted. But it's so totally different. I'm in the same financial shape I was in before, not a lot of surplus, but my trip is paid for by divine synchronicity. We've had a very good trip and I've spread my love all over as I'm tasked to do.
Louise receives money and healing for her clients!

I received a check for $19,000 back from the IRS for overpayment of taxes. Yes! Just last week I received an insurance check for $52.00. I received an abundance in the healing I have witnessed for my clients here and far.

Beautiful Amazing You Success Stories

KM’s stress lines are disappearing!

I’ve been able to feel how deep the lines are there and around my mouth but when I was rubbing my head to try to relieve some stress, I noticed the lines felt less pronounced - and now that I've looked at them, they look better! If it can work now - it can work anytime!
New Mexico
CD has better skin, sleep, and happiness!

My skin is so much better and I'm feeling so much happier too! Seen much improvement in my sleep patterns, my grief over the loss of my mom in December has eased considerably.
Suzanne feels better with more energy!

I'm feeling better!! I'm not painfully stiff this AM after a full day yesterday!!
CD is feeling balanced and at peace!

I'm feeling great. I just feel at peace. It's hard to explain but I just feel so balanced.
New Mexico
Rochelle’s eyes lift and no surgery needed!

I was told a few months ago by my eye doctor that I should consider having eyelid surgery because after 45 years of wearing hard contact lenses, the eye muscles have been weakened resulting in my eyelids drooping Looking in the mirror this morning my pupils weren't half covered over by my eyelids! Whatever you are doing, it is working (much to my surprise I have to admit)!!! I feel so blessed to have discovered you
CD sees improvement in wrinkles!

I've been noticing that the creepy wrinkles above my eyes are not as deep! Also some old skin conditions on my face are clearing up after years of trying.
KR’s daughter has more joy and depression is better!

My daughter has been struggling with depression, identity and job stuff. The other day she called me and for the first time in a very long time, I heard joy in her voice. Her comment to me was "mom, I'm having the best day I've had in a long time!!" She met a new friend and has been out enjoying the island.
New Mexico
CS is uplifted and more productive

Very productive day without pains, anxieties, congestion....YAY!
UD is sleeping through the night!

I slept the whole night through without waking up for the first time in I don't know how long.
Los Lunas, NM
RL’s skin is improving!

The Beautiful Amazing You group has changed my skin. I can feel the frequencies!
Cimarron, New Mexico
Nancy is feeling better with more energy!

Thank you, Louise for the helpful! With taking the “Arrhyth-1 drops, I don’t have the heart palpitations any more. Have been doing exercise at a gym, too and last Thursday Chris and I went to Jazzercise.
BETS and family looking and feeling great!

I noticed before my daughter left, her skin is so clear and "bright"! I have " let go" of 8 pounds!!!!
Nancy’s life is shifting!

Thank you so much for all the help you offer. You’ll never know how much it all helps in my life.
CS is uplifted and more productive

My neice passed her final exams and oral defense of her thesis presentation and completed her coursework for her PhD in Art History, and did great. She also reported to me that she also just received a lucrative fellowship in Sweden to work this summer on a project as she works on her Thesis. I asked her if she thought the work you have done on her has helped and she said she could really feel it!
Baseball team wins with group frequencies!

I put a baseball player and team name in the group and they are winning and all is turning around! They started winning games when I added them to the group frequencies! A great experiment turned out awesome!
Looking younger and receiving compliments!

Yesterday a business contact looked at my date of birth on the form and said "you look like you are 17 years younger!!"
Better sleep and time management for CC!

I’m not needing as much sleep at night. Do not need a long daily nap. And I’m NOT running late after a lifetime.
Jewel is more peaceful and confident!

I am definitely more peaceful and content in my own skin these days!