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Mastering Your Personal Presence in Business: How to Win Over Your Audience Authentically with Erin Duffy

Erin Duffy on The Brain Soul Success Show

In a world saturated with stories and businesses, finding your unique voice and amplifying your personal presence is not just a choice but a crucial necessity. Joining me to share about the importance of authentic branding and messaging in your business is my friend, Erin Duffy. 


Erin Duffy is a Career Transformation and Stage Presence Coach. She works with mid-career business professionals and leaders who struggle feeling fulfilled and confident and want to step into their personal power and advance their career. She helps them to clarify and own their unique personal story. She believes our own stories hold the very insights that can transform our lives. In her highly curated programs, her clients develop a richer personal narrative by clarifying the stories behind their life experiences. She then helps them to use the personal power of their story to catapult their career journey. It is tapping into the same stories that also supercharges their personal brand and stage presence.


After 25 years of managing dual careers, as a senior executive at a creative agency by day and simultaneously as a singer/actor by night, she yearned to combine her dual tracks. Out of that journey of search and discovery, she found an insightful way to take the best of both and create her uniquely transformative programs and formed her company, InspirationSQRD. Her curated programs have enabled her clients to expand their horizons, remain faithful to their core values, and realize their aspirations.


Finding Your Unique Voice and Passions in Business


Erin shares her career journey and how she created her business, InspirationSquared. She was at a point where she was wanting more and the thought of merging her two businesses came into play. She had to do a deep dive into what she really wanted, what was exciting and motivating to her. She encourages others to explore their own stories and passions to find inspiration and purpose in their entrepreneurial journey. 


Also important is identifying what doesn’t excite or motivate you, and letting go of those things to gain clarity and power. Doing this reflection is going to help you build the business or career that you desire.


Embracing a Support System


Erin emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and asking the right questions to gain clarity in business. She shares her personal journey of evolving her business by letting go of what was not working and embracing new opportunities.


Erin also mentions how important it is to surround ourselves with other entrepreneurs whether it’s through masterminds or network organizations, to combat isolation and learn from others.

She credits her own support system with helping her stay motivated and feeling less alone in her entrepreneurial journey.


Standing Out in the Crowd


Passion and inspiration are key drivers of success in business, according to Erin. Alongside that, she emphasizes the importance of personal presence and branding in business, believing that understanding and showcasing one’s unique story and personality is key to standing out in a crowded market. She encourages entrepreneurs to be clear, comfortable, and confident in their personal brand, as it is what sets them apart and makes them memorable to potential clients.


Bringing authenticity into your business is also extremely important. Those who embrace their true selves are able to experience significantly more growth than those who have not released the blocks that are holding them back. 


Emotions & Self-Care


Erin shares a personal experience of facing an unexpected challenge in her personal life that impacted her business goals, illustrating the unpredictable nature of life’s ups and downs. She was dealing with grief, but was able to find clarity and purpose on the other side.


Erin mentions how through this process, she became aware of the power of facing difficult emotions and how important it is to feel your feelings and move through those emotions, especially during times of transition. Again, having a solid support system is important in helping you to overcome difficult emotions and challenges. 


Another important step for entrepreneurs is embracing self care. Erin emphasizes the importance of sleep for physical and mental health, citing personal experience and medical advice. We also highlight the benefits of music for creativity and productivity.


In an era where standing out is an art form, be sure to tune into the full episode to discover why honing your personal brand and stage presence isn’t just about visibility—it’s the key to making an indelible mark in your industry, connecting authentically with your audience, and ultimately propelling your career or business to new heights. To listen to the full episode, click below:



If you’re an entrepreneur who is ready to overcome the discomfort and unlock your authentic self, Erin is offering our listeners her “Supercharge Your Stage Presence” session ($300 value) for free! In this session, you will get clarity on the #1 thing holding you back from bringing your unique presence to stage so you can immediately begin to feel more comfortable and confident on stage and on camera. Learn more and sign up here:


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