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Are You Living Your Soul’s Truth? How to Tell.

Your Soul’s Truth

Feeling tired, sad, anxious, or cranky shouldn’t be written off as the usual or pushed under the rug. Those and many other less than ideal emotions are all signs that your truth has been hijacked! Often clearing the day’s debris out of your energetic field is enough to put a smile on your face. Other times you may find that you need to go deeper, maybe back to childhood, the womb, or even into ancestral patterns you’ve accidentally assimilated. Removing this junk in your energy trunk is the “R” in B.R.A.I.N. – releasing – and one of the major parts of the system I use when I work with clients. Getting back to your soul’s truth is paramount in creating any transformation you are seeking in your life.

Can you see the difference between the first and second picture taken at the Brain-Soul Leap Bootcamp March 12th?

The first picture was taken before we used my B.R.A.I.N. System and the “After” picture was taken on Sunday when we completed many processes to release and up grade.

What is “soul’s truth”?

Is there anything more pure, more full of possibility than a happy baby? A baby is mostly free of any energetic baggage, and that’s why their ease and joy are so enviable. When an adult releases their energetic baggage they may find that their “good days” are coming more often than their “blah” or “bad” days. They may find that they are less bothered by the little things, that they feel a child-like contentment, enthusiasm, and passion for life. People might start to comment on how vibrant they look and be drawn to their serenity. They may discover that the universe is now gifting them with things, and/or they may suddenly become more creative, curious, or adventurous than they’ve been in years. This is all because they are now closer to their soul’s truth. They’re the diamond, minus the rough.

Being happy is a good indication that you are in touch with your soul’s truth. When you are happy you feel good. When you feel good, there’s no mountain too high to climb. Just look at children and their vast imaginations, their unwavering beliefs in the “impossible”. The imagination is what connects us to Spirit, I think, and thus to our own beautiful spirits. Each of us are born with joy in our hearts because that is where our gifts originate — in joy. When we are joyful we can share those gifts with the world. When we are joyful we can move mountains.

Rebecca, who was also with us during the March Brain-Soul Leap Bootcamp, discovered that she can be in control of her emotional wellbeing, get closer to her soul’s truth and bring happiness into her life. Hear her tell it for yourself:

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