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The first step to obtaining success in your life is to improve your state of mind. We all know that it’s important to “stay positive,” and yet for some of us keeping in the negativity-free zone is a lot harder than folks make it sound. This is because past traumas get trapped in the brain and create faulty wiring that makes you predisposed to stress. These negative, stress-filled thought patterns actually shrink the higher order brain function that is needed to be successful and lead the abundance-filled life you were born to have.

The good news is that a brain can be rewired for success and positivity in just 90 days, which is why each of my frequency packages last at least 3 months. When our left and right sides of the brain are balanced and working together, all aspects of our lives improve and we enter our genius zone where we feel good, have confidence, and get more done. When we are in the genius zone our brain gets a break from stress, which allows it to repair itself, and stimulate the growth of new neurons to form new connections that expand brainpower.

In a study by the American Psychological Association it was found that when people are emotionally positive they are 31% more productive, three times more creative, and in business sales were shown to increase by 37% just by fostering positivity. When I read this study my first thought was how much higher these percentages would have been if the people being studied were doing more than thinking happy thoughts; what if they were receiving biofeedback frequencies specifically tailored to balance their brains, heal past traumas, and rewire negative thought patterns. In my upcoming May-August Awakening Abundance Frequency Package, I’ll be doing exactly that! In the past members of this package have conducted their own personal case studies and have reported back to me the amazing changes they saw take place over the course of the 90 days, and in some cases just days after beginning.

 M.W., from Albuquerque, sent me this note last year:

“OK Louise, I have finally received concrete evidence of this abundance stuff, energy, the group, and your work. As you know I have some density around some of this. Though I trust it and you, feeling it in the moment is often difficult for me. Well, today I received a check for a lot of money from a stock/business mess from 10 or 12 years ago!

Also, the other person I signed up for the (Awakening Abundance Frequency Package) has had her phone ringing non-stop with new clients. She has no time for them all, but is still getting calls from people who want to work with her.”

What happened for M.W. and his friend is not unusual in this package, and the reason for it is that I am facilitating your brain’s balancing and rewiring for you. All you have to do is hold an intention, do Mind Gems ( exercises to balance the brain) daily (download here) and enjoy the ride and the shower of abundance. As your mind-set changes to become more balanced and positive, the energy you put out into the world becomes lighter and sweeter, and attracts good things to you like bees to honey. While the science behind how biofeedback works is more complicated, the concept is simple: Good begets good.

I looked back at my notes, and a month into last year’s Awakening Abundance Frequency Package I’d already received word that one member won $1,000 at a car dealership, another received $14,000 from a parent, another found a perfect office at a great price, and yet another was gifted a family reunion. The list goes on and on, and every year I can’t wait to hear more. If this all sounds like a train you want to be riding, I invite you and a friend to sign up and track the progress for yourself.  It’s less than a grande macchiato a day, plus, you can add a family member for FREE for a limited time. You’ll be just as amazed as I am each and every year. Click here to sign up.

Kristen, who has worked with me one-on-one, as well as participating in my frequency packages landed her dream job. I’ll let her share that story for herself.



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