Balance Your Whole Brain in Less Than Five Minutes

Mind Gems is a set of hand held positions that you can do in less than 5 minutes to literally change your focus and balance!

Download these now, give them a try, and experience the results as soon as 7 days! You will…

  • Increase your focus and memory.
  • Improve your balance and aligned you energy.
  • Get grounded and sleep better. 

We will send the worksheet and an instructional video via email.

What Clients Say

  • I get more done and feel balanced
  • I feel centered and sleep better
  • I am more focused and getting better grades in school.
  • My headache went away after doing these 12 little exercises- amazing!
So simple and powerful! Download these now, give them a try, and experience the results as soon as 7 days! Please let us know your results!

Dr. Louise Swartswalter is a speaker, transformational coach, naturopath and frequency medicine doctor, mentor and podcast host serving women and men around the world. 

She is the creator of the Brain Soul Success Academy and the B.R.A.I.N. System TM, a unique multi-dimensional system that works on the mind, body, soul and energetic field all at the same time for quicker results that stick!  

Dr. Louise Swartswalter has 30 years of experience helping people achieve optimal brain power and success in life and business.  She is a transformation wizard blending naturopathy, NLP, Kinesiology, trauma release work and powerful energy work. 

She is passionate about connecting; clearing blocks to success and helping others achieve their highest potential. Using a combination of tools Louise has helped people move from anxiety to calm in one session. One client told her that “one session felt like sixteen years of therapy” while another said “ she saved my life.” 

Her team of certified Brain Soul Success Coaches are helping people just like you worldwide transform their lives and increase their businesses. Dr.  Louise has been a guest on KKOB radio and KOB-TV Good Day New Mexico and featured in Inc5000 Magazine (as a Power Partner helping other businesses) and Albuquerque Magazine top docs.