Beautiful Amazing You

Enhance your inner beauty. Slow down aging. Increase vitality. Let your beauty shine.


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Beautiful Amazing You

Join Dr. Louise Swartswalter as she shares with you proven techniques on how to increase your vibration, optimize your DNA, and create a more youthful you.

Are you secretly suffering...

  • From feeling tired and foggy brain?
  • From negative self talk… “I do not like my body and want to change it.”
  • From not sleeping well at night?
  • From a “stuck” feeling holding you back in your life and business?
If you are feeling any of these, then YOU are in the right place! 

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it! Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

Albert Einstein

Everything in the Universe vibrates at a frequency. People, places, things, and even positive and negative thoughts have their own frequency.

When you join the “Beautiful Amazing YOU” program, you will get my signature, 90-Day Frequency Package, I use teaching content, energy work and customized biofeedback frequency to increase vitality from the inside out…

Here's what you'll get when you attend Beautiful Amazing You

A Deeper Understanding of your DNA.

How it isn’t set in stone, and what you can do to repair and revitalize it.

My Signature “Energetic Face Lift”

It’s more than skin deep. It is a non-invasive solution to revitalized skin cells.

Good food. Bad food.

Which ones will slow down aging and which will spur it on.

Detox - How to do it right

Real talk about toxins. The truth about your body, environment, and longevity.

Sleep Talk

How to use rest to restore your body, mind and spirit.

Beauty Inside and OUT

Give back the joie de vivre to your skin, hair and bones when you are in control of your body!

Beautiful Amazing You


Get the Beautiful Amazing You Program, 9-week live sessions for only 




The Real Beauty Diet

Understand the Brain-Gut connection. Discover how to eat and stay healthy ALL the time. This class goes in-depth into how what we eat affects our whole bodies and our brains and gives vital tips and teaching on the best foods and food combinations to get healthy, stay healthy, and live your best and most vital life.

BONUS: A Group Biofeedback session with Frequencies to strengthen your DNA.

SESSION 2: January 31

Boost Your Libido

This is a special session that helps boost your libido using acupuncture points and acupressure on those points.

Do you want to allow your feminine and masculine power both to come forth? This class will take you through physical and spiritual components to boost your libido and allow your true power to come forth.

BONUS: A special Ring of Fire exercise.


Hormones: The Missing Link in Mental Health

For years, we’ve focused on the mind. But what about the silent orchestrators within us? Our hormones could hold answers to many mental health enigmas.

In this talk with special guest, Betty Murray, nutrition expert, Ph.D. researcher, certified functional medicine practitioner, and speaker, we delve into how these chemical messengers shape our emotions and thoughts. Discover how hormonal imbalances might be the root of what ails us mentally. 


Deepen Your Love of Self

Love your body, love yourself! Fall in love with your own body, boost your self confidence, and let your true self shine in this empowering session.

We start at your feet and go up each part of your body and help you love yourself in every way. As you begin to believe in your own beauty you will look and feel younger and more vital.

BONUS: Self love body exercise that changes your body image.


Brain Soul Hacks For Success

These are the 3 powerful tools our clients say changed their life!

They Reboot your brain, body, and spirit!



SESSION 6: February 28

Beauty and The Beast

Your shadow side is there for a reason.

In this class we will explore that little voice inside of you that is sometimes negative, sometimes angry, and that you may try to repress! But you will discover that it is there for a reason, and what you can do to “release the beast” in a special exercise so that you can be 100% your authentic self and boost your confidence.

Together, we will look at your shadow side to clear the blocks to your authentic self.

SESSION 7: March 13

Exercise that Supports Longevity

With guest speaker, Lesley Logan, a 2nd generation certified Pilates teacher, breathwork, habits and mindset coach. She is the founder of, the first free online catalog of Pilates exercise tutorials, where you can also find weekly Pilates classes and workshops. Teaching Pilates since 2008, she has run multiple studios, has trained hundreds of people to become teachers themselves and has taught thousands of students around the world. She helps women ditch perfection, take messy action, and prioritize themselves first so they can do life better.

When not teaching from her studio in Las Vegas, Lesley is hosting her podcast Be It Till You See it or traveling the world leading Pilates retreats.


Frequency Medicine - Upgrading your DNA

Experience a demonstration of our biofeedback device and feel the difference right on the session.

I will show you how it upgrades and changes your DNA and elongates your telomeres, causing you to feel healthier and more beautiful inside and out instantly.

This is Powerful Biofeedback Group Demonstration and upgrade session.


SESSION 9: March 27

sleeping Beauty Meditation

This is an in depth teaching session to help you discover the optimal number of hours that you need to sleep, when you need to go to bed, and when you need to get up.

This class arms you with the tools to get better and more restful sleep.

BONUS: The steps to create your perfect bedtime routine.


Beautiful Amazing You Success Stories

After the very first Wednesday session, I noticed a difference in my face. This past Friday, I was at a group dinner, and afterwards a young woman told me that she had been looking at me and had thought how beautiful I was/looked! I have felt like my energy is a bit more consistent, and I’ve been doing the Mind Gems and feel very differently afterwards.
Client S.R.
Amazingly Beautified Client
I am a participant in the Beautiful Amazing You class. I just wanted to request to please keep adding the EYE LIFT frequency to each week's 'medicine'. I think it is actually working!! Looking in the mirror this morning my pupils weren't half covered over by my eyelids! Amazingly fantastic! I see a definite improvement!! Whatever you are doing, it is working (much to my surprise I have to admit)!!! I feel so blessed to have discovered you!
Amazingly Beautified Client

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