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Betty Murray – 4 Key Discoveries on Hormones

As women, we go through so many body changes throughout our lives. Everything from PMS to premenopause, menopause, weight changes and more. Often, it’s so easy to think that this is just how it is and there’s nothing we can do about it. We can change our eating habits, exercise more, try to sleep better, get hormone replacements…the list goes on. But true life change can happen when we get to the root of the problem.

Today’s guest, Betty Murray, is a nutrition expert, PhD researcher, certified functional medicine practitioner, and speaker. Betty helps women over 40 harness their hormones to lose weight, optimize sleep, restore energy, and thrive in life. During her research for her Ph.D., Betty made 4 key discoveries that lead to hormone & metabolic imbalances that plague women over 40. Restoring balance to these key metabolic and hormone pathways is the basis of her Hormone Reset Program. This program has helped her and hundreds of her clients lose weight easily, reduce hot flashes, restore sleep, and turn up their energy without living on a diet of deprivation. She is also the host of the Menopause Mastery Podcast and the founder and CEO of Living Well Dallas Functional Medicine Center. She is a frequently featured nutrition expert on Fox News Broadcasting, CW33, NBC, and CBS. 

Betty helps women get out of the constant cycle of thinking that they’re body is just betraying them and instead, empowers them to trust their body and their intuition by taking a well-rounded approach to physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 

Inside this episode:

  • The health challenges Betty faced that led her to pursue a career in functional medicine and nutrition for women
  • The changes in brain power and energy she and her clients have experienced through functional medicine and her Hormone Reset Program
  • The root cause of hormone problems in women 
  • Brain tips to rebuild memory, cognition and improve eating habits

Betty is helping women see the importance of being whole and giving them hope that they don’t have to stay stuck!

If you’re curious if your hormones are out of balance, which ones and what’s causing it, you can take Betty’s free quiz, What is My Hormone Type to get a free personalized hormone balancing guide.

Connect with Betty on her website  or on Instagram.

To Your Success.



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