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Dr. Betsy Greenleaf: Clearing Money Blocks

The outcome of discipline is freedom. That’s just one piece of wisdom from my insightful conversation with my friend and guest of today’s podcast, Mary Sheila Gonnella. 

Mary Sheila Gonnella has served her clients for almost 15 years. She teaches people how to honor their unique physiology, move self-care to the front burner, and achieve and maintain radiant health. 

Today’s episode is all about clearing money blocks…clearing anything in the energy field blocking your abundance. 


I am joined by my friend, Dr. Betsy Greenleaf, who is an OBGYN and we decided to hop on to do a bit of a unique episode that serves as an example of part of the process that I do with my clients called the BRAIN System™.


In this episode, we’re digging in with Dr. Betsy to get to the center of her goals, holding intention for those goals, clearing the ancestral blocks, belief systems, and patterns that are holding her back, and putting in the new program to help her achieve success.


The truth is, we hold traumas and emotions in the spaces of the brain. And when we clear that out, it gives you more space, and allows you to create what you want to create and bring in that abundance.


So, we go really deep in this episode to uncover some past traumas for Dr. Betsy that go back to her grandfather, and what you’ll hear is that the energy from way back then found its way into Betsy’s life experiences and beliefs. It’s really amazing and actually gave us chills as we were cleaning this energy. 


And the best part is, you can feel this change too just by listening to this episode. We’re clearing the blocks that are in the brain and in the soul, and even ancestral to free you up to be able to move forward and create your dream. So, be sure to tune in so that you too can change your belief around money and believe that you are worthy and deserving of it.

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