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How the 5 step BRAIN System was created

I often have people come to me with a lot of questions about how I clear the ancestral trauma, so it sticks?

 And many times, they want to know about my 5 step BRAIN system and how it was created. It really started for me years ago when I was teaching dyslexic students and discovered that the best way to teach them to read, write, and spell was through a multisensory approach. This combination was so powerful for these students because it changed their brain and allowed them to learn in a way that was beneficial to them.

But it wasn’t until I found myself extremely sick that I realized just how powerful this multisensory approach could be to everyone in their health, business, and their quality of life overall.

I had a lightbulb moment.

In this episode, I’m explaining the story behind my health challenges that inspired the creation of my 5 step BRAIN system that has literally transformed thousands of lives and has helped people to scale their businesses, improve on their personal growth, on their health, their mindset, and their spirit, allowing them to get back to what I call 100% their souls truth. And you can be there too.

Learn how my 5 step BRAIN system can work for you!

Join us for a Free Masterclass, The Three Brain Soul Hacks for Success and you will:

  • Learn the hacks to clear energy in 5 minutes
  • Reprogram the brain with the success codes
  • Balance the neurotransmitters with frequency medicine
  • Ground, align and improve your brain power to propel you forward in your business and life.

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