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Growth After Adversity – Conor Paulsen

Many of our greatest achievements in life come after adversity. It’s that “no pain, no gain” kind of thing that we always hear about. When we have the courage to push through those obstacles and manifest what we want, that’s what gives us the potential to come out on the other side, fully aligned and refined. Today’s guest, Connor Paulsen is no stranger to that.Conor grew up on a farm in Iowa. He started a few companies, lived in Asia for a year, and has a fascination for communication and NLP practices. He is currently living in San Diego, CA, and is the Co-Founder at Uptown Creation, a B2B LinkedIn company that helps sales teams save time and attract higher quality leads consistently.

Conor shares his story of overcoming some tough situations in his life, from heartbreak to addiction, that ultimately led him to find his authentic self and implement routines that help him to be successful in his business and personal life. His journey of self-development and transformation is truly inspiring and I just love his passion for connection and his curiosity that led him to heal and find his purpose.

Inside this episode:

  • Conor’s journey from farm boy to entrepreneur
  • The importance of investing in yourself to achieve personal and professional growth
  • The steps Conor took to release past trauma and find healing
  • One simple action you can take on your journey to sustainable happiness

Want to hear more from Conor? Connect with him on Instagram (@conorpaulsen).

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