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From Gut to Brain: Understanding the Link Between Digestive Wellness & Mental Health with Stephanie Grosvenor

Today, we’re focusing on the gut-brain connection and how the gut plays such an important role in our mental well-being. Joining me is my friend, Stephanie Grosvenor, who is a Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Health Coach specializing in working with high-achieving, driven professionals to uplevel their health so they can thrive with confidence in business, relationships and all areas of their lives.

Through her 15-year battle against chronic health issues, Stephanie learned how to heal her body through holistic, natural remedies and lifestyle changes. As an ambitious and successful entrepreneur herself, she has experienced firsthand the importance of taking care of your health to reach the success & impact you want in your business, your bank account, your relationships and all other areas of your life. 

Stephanie is the founder of Unlimited You Coaching where she provides private coaching as well as a group wellness mentorship program designed to help you create a life well-lived, one that you are absolutely in love with. She is also the co-founder & head formulator of Vitamin G Nutraceuticals and the host of the global wellness summit, ‘The Healthy Living Blueprint’. Her ultimate goal is to help you look, live, feel and age better than you ever have before. Stephanie has helped countless men & women overcome digestive issues, improve mental health, increase energy & productivity and regain their quality of life.

Stephanie Grosvenor on today’s episode of The Brain Soul Success Show

Inside this episode

  • What is the gut-brain axis?
  • How does the state of your gut influence your mental health?
  • Signs and symptoms that your gut is imbalanced and needs some TLC
  • How to heal the gut to improve our mental & physical health
  • What role does stress play on the gut-brain axis? 

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