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Pat Tucker, MD: A Testimony of Transformational Healing

Through my years of helping people heal themselves, the testimonies I receive just make me so excited about the work I get to do everyday. I’ve had people come to me from all walks of life who are experiencing all sorts of issues from physical to mental and emotional to issues within their businesses, their marriage and so much more. But when they experience the BRAIN System™ and they actually put in the work, the transformation they experience is like nothing else out there.

Dr. Pat Tucker is a holistic physician and he came to me a year ago when he was struggling in his marriage. This episode is a look into his story and the healing he has experienced in his own life since our work together.

Now, Pat is stepping into his power and using his gifts as a successful doctor and businessman to begin Quantum Healing Center using many tools including the BRAIN System™. Dr. Pat is going to change the scope and practice of healthcare in America. I am over the moon excited to be his guide and share our passions and friendship.

As Pat says, “the change in me is invaluable. You can’t get this anywhere else.”

Be sure to click play on this episode to hear Pat’s full testimony on how he went from feeling stuck, worthless, and unhappy to feeling confident, empowered, and free for the first time in 5 decades!

To Your Success.


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