Discover how to

activate the healer in you

The Hanna Kroeger Secrets

plus Brain-Soul Success Hacks

Grandmother of natural health

Hanna Kroeger

Hanna Kroeger was known as the Grandmother of Natural Health. During her life, she authored 20 books, and developed over 200 homeopathic remedies. Now, I’ve personally been working with her methods for over 25 years. Her main book is my health bible — and the book I’ve referred to the most since my studies in naturopathic school. Her approach encompassed not just your physical body, but also your spiritual body. You CAN get the results you desire for yourself, loved ones and patients/clients. This is the B=Body piece of the B.R.A.I.N. System™.

Ground, align, and improve your healing power!

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to activate the healer in you!
  • How to detox parasites, bacteria, and candida using natural remedies
  • Which supplements are important; and homeopathy for balance
  • How to “test” your body to find out where you are out of balance and what to do.
  • Why there’s more than one kind of headache, and how to treat it
  • How to clear bleed through karma Hanna’s way
  • …and so much more

My name is Dr. Louise Swartswalter and I am a Naturopath, Neuro-biofeedback specialist and NLP practitioner and founder of the Brain Soul Success Academy.

My life journey has led me to study the brain and the soul connection.

I am passionate about helping heart centered entrepreneurs align and balance the mind, body and soul to achieve their Quantum Leap!

My mission is to change 10 million brains by 2025. When we clear the spaces in the brain of the past and current traumas and emotions and reboot the energy field of your brain and body with your new intention, years of stress and pain are released quickly. You can be 100% your soul truth and achieve anything you desire when we address brain, body, soul, and the energetic field at the same time.

I teach you these brain soul hacks for success because God helps those who help themselves.


How To Activate The Healer In You

Virtual Masterclass with Dr. Louise Swartswalter

Sunday, Nov. 19 / 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM MT

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