Do these  12 little exercises daily and feel amazing shift: "Brain-Balancing Mind Gems for Clarity, Balance, and Focus"

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Dr. Louise Swartwalter

In just 4 months, my life changed. I was able to retire from 30 years of ministry as a Director of Spiritual Care to begin the call of focusing on healing retreats, energy work, and spiritual counseling. I received 8 new clients, my health improved, and I facilitated a healing weekend at a retreat center with 10 beautiful souls that I had not been able to do for many years. I had the courage to market myself, to be visible and trust that I was being divinely guided, and all would be well.  

 I describe myself as a “soul illuminator” but through Dr. Louise’s teachings and practices, my soul has embodied more of the light and shines brighter. May you be blessed and shine bright.

~ Bonnie McCulley, Spiritual Coach and Healer 

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Through our strife, we get our strength.

Eventually I said, “I know all this stuff about natural health now. I think I should have the paper on the wall.” So I got a degree in naturopathy. I was introduced to biofeedback, and now I have five different biofeedback devices that help people all over the globe.

My advice for you in your journey

Work on staying balanced and always use your tools. I’m not sure even like the word “balance.” But the brain is really a control tower for the brain, heart, and gut. There’s a little cartoon that I have. It’s a picture of a heart and a brain, and it says, “Honor your heart, but take your brain with you.”


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