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The Brain Soul Success Mastermind

This is a 12-month program specifically designed to propel you, your life and your business to a whole new level. From priceless gems of insider brain-success balancing knowledge to exclusive networking opportunities, from structured sharing to personal one-on-one coaching, it’s about living your blessing, thinking big and making the unique difference you were put here to make.

Positive  Powerful Healing For Life

Master Mind FAQs

The Brain- Soul Success mastermind was created for those individuals who desire a quantum leap in their life and are ready to take action and want to learn a system that has proven success they can apply in their own life to achieve their goals. When your brain is balanced completely holistically you can achieve your dreams in life and career-business.

Well- of course we’re going to have FUN and stay very connected! And a few times a year, we’re going to meet up and TOTALLY refine our goals and our life!

The remaining months we’re going to stay connected via the phone or Skype and deeply mastermind your process. You’ll get community, develop accountability for your goals AND share my teaching and experience as well. What could be better than that?

I have no idea what kind of action you’ll take – but you’ve already seen the initial results of some of my current students and the many other case studies. Plus, by now you can see the amount of detail I put into making your specific plans work.


Mastermind includes...

“The Mastermind was designed to up level your life and teach you my B.R.A.I.N. System, while keeping you accountable and support you on your path to achieving your dream life/ business.

During these 12 months, the focus is YOU, and although we each have different dreams, the steps toward success are similar.

When you use the B.R.A.I.N. System in your own life you will have the tools for ongoing success! This is the mastermind for heart felt souls to come together and make a quantum leap!”

Louise Swartswalter


“Only when you learn to clear the wounds of the soul that are held in parts of the brain can you help yourself and others live 100% their truth!”

Mastermind Testimonials

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