My Story

My whole journey of healing myself took me sixteen years. It taught me the power of following my intuition. It taught me the power of persistence. It made me stronger.

How can the Brain System help you?

I created the B.R.A.I.N. System after years of observing patients in my clinic, as well as my students, when I was a special education and dyslexia teacher in my first career. The B.R.A.I.N. System was developed to address healing in a multi-sensory way. This system gets quicker, more complete results.

My Breakthrough

I crashed. I was a mom, with two small kids at home. I sought answers for three auto immune diseases- chronic fatigue, MS and fibromyalgia.  I went doctor hopping and did not get any help from medical doctors. I was on my own to figure it out. When I say crash, I mean it. I weighed eighty-nine pounds. I lived on oxygen for three years. I was taking care of my two kids at the time, and I remember just praying and saying, “All I want to do is be their mom. All I want to do is have my brain working again, have my body working again, and get my health back.”

My whole journey of healing myself took me sixteen years. It taught me the power of following my intuition. It taught me the power of persistence. It made me stronger and shifted our family focus to a life of natural health and self-growth. My kids are in their 30’s now and so awesome and healthy. I am a proud Mama.

Through our strife, we get our strength.

Eventually I said, “I know all this stuff about natural health now. I think I should have the paper on the wall.” So, I got a doctorate in naturopathy. I was introduced to biofeedback, and now I have five different biofeedback devices and have developed my own BRAIN System TM. Over the years, I kept learning, and I took many classes in energy work, NLP, trauma release work and combined all these tools into a comprehensive five step system, The BRAIN System TM.

I started my Albuquerque Natural Health Center business in my home in 2003. One of my good friends suggested that I move into an office. I remember being very scared about that. I wondered, “Am I really ready to do that?” We rented space for seven years, and I did so well that I finally bought my own office. I’ve seen thousands of clients in the last twenty years using the BRAIN System TM from over 16 countries.

Another growth spurt

The focus shifted to helping professionals and business owners, coaches and teaching the Brain Soul Hacks for Success. Now I help 6 and 7 figure business owners, coaches, doctors, therapists increase their businesses and life! 

The new program

We can raise the frequency of the body and the energy around us by working in and around “the field.” How? The power of the spoken word, music, sound healing, positive loving thoughts, meditation, tapping, reiki, brain-soul balancing, Feng shui, touch, movement, nature, and many other energy methods are all ways to raise vibration. Some of these methods work to shift energy and remove past patterns, but what is missing is the step of inserting a “New Program.” I explain the New Program as: How do you want to show up now? What do you want to have change or be different going forward? This is the power of intention and coupled with the language of the energy field (Geotran and the Circle of Life, created by Dorothy Wood Espaiu) you can have, be, and do anything you desire! How empowering, right?! You will experience an introduction into this work throughout this book and DVD, or during the event if you are joining me in person.


What I realized

On my own path of healing, I realized that working just on changes to my physical body, such as eating healthy, taking the right supplements, detoxing, changing my lifestyle and so on, was not enough. I began to work on the emotions, mindset, and spiritual bodies, and I kept improving. And yet, I still was not where I wanted to be. It was not until I began using biofeedback to help raise my vibration, and I began to use energy work that I made the biggest gains in health and wellness. Plus, my business exploded! I began to realize that to really change the brain, we needed a multi-sensory healing program to help people balance their brain and body, just as I had used a multi-sensory approach to help children with dyslexia learn to read, write, and spell when I was a special ed teacher. With my students, we combined what you see, write, hear, say, and feel all at the same time to get the sound of the letter “B”. Saying “bat”, and “ba”, the letter name and symbol, “B”, and writing the symbol all together registered and stuck in the brain.


The B.R.A.I.N. System

Hmmm, I thought. Why are we not also doing this in healing? Why did I have to go to so many practitioners and still not be where I wanted to be? I didn’t know, until one day the light bulb came on. We need a multi-dimensional approach to health and healing, a true combination of body, mind, spirit, emotions, and energy field. Then, BINGO! Miracles began to happen. First in my life and now over 20 years later, in the lives of the hundreds of people I have worked with.

Thus, the B.R.A.I.N. System was born. Since using all the parts of the B.R.A.I.N. System and now teaching it, I have witnessed amazing transformations in people’s health, vitality, relationships, businesses, and life! My goal is to change 2 million brains by 2025 and I need you!

It is “POWERFUL, POSITIVE HEALING FOR LIFE!” And I am also have taken this step to invest in yourself so that you can live your best life and help others to do the same.


My greatest joy

I am obsessed with your transformation. It gives me the greatest joy to see faces change and years of baggage and stress melt away as we work together and I re-program your energy field with your powerful intentions: For you to have all you deserve in life and allow your gifts to shine.

Get ready to be introduced to the B.R.A.I.N. System. But know that this is the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more. By attending my events and working closely with me in my Mastermind and Certification Programs, you too can be proficient in these life changing tools.

To your powerful healing for life,

Louise Swartswalter


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When I started putting all that together with my clients, they changed much more quickly. The results stuck.

That’s how my BRAIN System and my Brain-Soul company came to be. BRAIN is an acronym. It stands for Body, Release, Align with spirit, Integrate, and put in a New program. When you do all those steps simultaneously, you get faster results.

Tools and Rituals I use to Stay in the Flow

One of the tools that I use is called Mind Gems. It’s twelve little exercises that balance the brain in less than five minutes. I do them in bed before I get up. I do them when I go to sleep. I also do them all day with my clients. I’ve even taught them to kids in my school-teaching days. A lot of my students did the Mind Gems before they took a test, and they got better scores.

Another tool that I teach people is how to protect their own energy field. I teach them how to put a “rainbow bubble” around themselves by visualizing themselves in a big rainbow cocoon. The intention is that only love can come in, nothing else. That rainbow cocoon becomes like one of those marbleized, rubberized exercise balls. Especially with kids, negative or harmful vibes bounce off.

My work is called Brain-Soul Balancing. It’s a highly intuitive process that helps people release the energy in their field that’s blocking them from expressing 100% of their soul’s truth. When you can realign and be your soul’s truth, you can create anything you want in your life. For example, if you’re thinking about somebody and you can’t get them out of your head, you could name a few words about them. They can be positive or negative words. Sometimes you actually feel that person’s anger or frustration. Then you might be angry or frustrated yourself, because it’s like Velcro. You caught their feelings.

event sessions

The process is deeper than that, and it really does clear the brain and soul. But the very first step is to say words about the situation or the person. In other words, speak the truth and you’ll feel lighter.

How I Help People

I went from sick to fantastic and vibrate at a very high frequency now. Clients around the globe come to the USA to experience the BRAIN system. The work has evolved and now I work mostly with business owners and practitioners teaching them the tools of the brain system so they can increase their wealth, finish their books and up level their life. When they start using the tools with their clients and their patients, they see this big transformation in their whole body and spirit- it is POWERFUL POSITIVE HEALING FOR LIFE!

So first, we help them get back to their 100% soul truth. We teach them to hone in on and honor their intuition. They learn how to keep their own energy field clear. They get super healthy – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. There’s always a spiritual component. I have a year-long program where I teach this process in a certification program. I have several certified Brain-Soul Success coaches who work with these techniques in their own businesses.

My gift for you

My gift for you is Mind Gems. It’s the piece that is missing in a lot of brain work. So, you can go buy a bottle of supplements to help your memory. You can do Sudoku puzzles and all kinds of little things to help the brain.

The Mind Gems are different because it balances what I call the Brain Rings. It was taught to be my teacher, Dorothy Wood Espiau in the 1980’s. Picture an Atom. The nucleus of the atom has rings spinning around it. Each one of those rings is, in a sense, spinning around your brain. When they’re off-center or wobbly, you won’t be balanced.

The Mind Gems help you cross your right and left brain. They help balance the energy field piece of your brain. My clients tell me things like, “I haven’t done my Mind Gems on a regular basis. But when I found them today in a stack of papers, I did them and my headache went away.” Because they got balanced.

They seem so simple that you might think they’re not necessary. So you stop doing them. But when you pick it up again, you see the difference they make.